Eléctrica Panda is a clothing company from Medan, Indonesia that officially started on July, 2013 with big spirit and high idealism to give a new colour in creative clothing industry in Indonesia.

Electrica panda artwear is a brand  focusing on panda artwork. Each article we always bring the design of the character design adopts a unique fresh panda funny and always different . This probably also what makes us different from other clothing line because our ideals but also stay abreast of market appetite . Established since mid-2013 , Electrica panda present as one of the ways of dress of the youth today . Bringing Medan and the country  through-out. 

We realize that life is to be celebrated. From the things we make based on what we want and need, we always try to make it feel and look good on you. Let’s adopt Electrica Panda and  Let’s share the happiness.

yes we are electrica panda artwear spreading the word for "Let’s adopt don’t shop"